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A utility software that scans and updates outdated drives simultaneously, helping your Windows computer stay up to date

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000

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Driver Genius professional-edition-
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Driver Genius scans a Windows PC and searches the web for applicable driver updates. Of course, driver updates are necessary to keep a computer running smoothly. Outdated drivers can cause headaches ranging from compatibility issues to unexpected crashes. Manual driver updates can prove troublesome, and most users won't take the necessary steps to maintain their drivers. For that reason, Driver Genius is a recommended program for anyone that isn't tech savvy or happens to be on the lazy side.

Driver Genius: The Pros and Cons

When a user starts Driver Genius, they're presented with a Scan Now button and a simple toolbar on the side. By hitting Scan Now, the program will begin looking for driver-related updates. Most hardware components come with software drivers needed to keep the hardware and software running in tandem. Updates may be released every few weeks, or even every few months, depending upon the hardware in question. Scans take a few minutes.

After the scan is completed, Driver Genius lists available updates and gives users the option of installing them. Free users will have to manually initiate each download/installation; Pro users can handle these tasks automatically. The entire process can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. However, total time to completion depends upon the number of updates being downloaded and installed.

Driver Genius comes with a variety of extra tools and features. For instance, the Driver Repair tool helps fix software-related issues with the drivers. Driver Restore can reinstall the previous version of a driver, which can help with stability issues. A Driver Cleanup function helps get rid of redundant drivers or copies of previous updates. Without a doubt, users should look into these extra tools.

Unfortunately, Driver Genius features both a Free and Pro version. The Free version requires users to manually choose to install individual drivers. Not all of the extra tools are available in the Free version, either. When installing many updates at once, Driver Genius may cause a computer running lesser hardware to slow down. General design of the Driver Genius program isn't that modern or attractive.

The Final Verdict On Driver Genius

Nonetheless, Driver Genius is an excellent program, even when considering the Free version. Manually approving individual driver updates isn't too much of a hassle. The program runs as intended and is effective for maintaining a computer's drivers. In the end, most users won't think twice about driver updates and may not even know they exist. Since updating drivers is an important task, Driver Genius helps simplify the process for basic users. The program is an easy recommendation for the average PC user.


  • Program scans for and installs new drivers in minutes.
  • Extra tools help maintain or repair drivers.
  • Program is simple to use and easy to understand.


  • Free version lacks most of the program's best features.
  • Overall design of the program is somewhat lackluster.
  • Not all users will find the extra tools useful.

Driver Genius is a peripheral driver management software that updates drivers and removes unneeded ones. Windows operating systems will automatically notify you if there is a need for updates to your operating system. However, this is rarely the case for the devices connected to your computer. Having device drivers that are out-of-date can cause your devices to operate improperly, or not at all. Driver Genius takes care of that problem.

There are a host of problems that can occur when your device drivers are no longer valid. Your computer might run very slowly, or it might freeze and need to be rebooted if the device with the outdated device driver is used. Some people might even go out and buy new devices, not realizing that the device driver is simply outdated. Driver Genius automatically checks for new drivers for your devices and notifies you. You can then have the driver installed with one click. Inoperative and unneeded ones are automatically removed, which can improve your computer's performance dramatically.

The reason Driver Genius works so well is that it analyzes your system's individual configuration first before searching for the appropriate updates for your particular system. It also removes useless drivers based on this same principle. Driver Genius recognizes more than 80,000 well-known devices. It has a database of more than 100,000 drivers that it searches through to find the right one for your system.

When you open Driver Genius, it will ask you if you want to scan your system for outdated drivers. You may then download any you may be lacking. Driver Genius can also be customized to accommodate your needs and preferences. You can establish a convenient time for driver scanning and updates so your computer sessions are not interrupted with upgrade notifications. You can also use the antivirus software you already use to scan downloaded drivers for viruses.

Driver Genius can also backup the drivers it downloads to your system. It saves them in different formats, so the backups can be stored more efficiently. So, if your system needs to be restored at any time, you will still have the updated versions of drivers available without having to reinstall them.

Driver Genius also helps with hardware management. You can monitor the temperature of your PC, hard disk drive and video card to avoid the damage that comes with overheating. It will also inform you of the latest hardware available in case you want to upgrade.

Driver Genius is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.


  • Easily maintain your own computer with the system scan and driver updates
  • Fully customizable
  • Convenient driver backup feature
  • Quick installation
  • Hides driver notifications for devices no longer in use


  • The trial version only determines if you need driver updates or not, making you pay for the software to go any further

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